Achieve With Authenticity Plus (Yearly Payment)

Have social media for your practice but don’t know what to post? I got you!

Join the membership that encourages, educates, and helps you execute engaging posts and stories throughout social media. Grow through your social media to increase your network and your clients. Gain access to a private FB group with daily tips, tricks, and networking opportunities.

Need some 1:1 support?! You got it! By signing up for membership plus, you will receive a personalized Trello board for your social media with weekly updates. AND get 10 posts made JUST FOR YOU!

By signing up for the year, you are receiving a 30% discount!!!

This membership is paid yearly.

$1,319.00 / year

Achieve With Authenticity Plus (Yearly Payment)

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Achieve With Authenticity PLUS (Yearly Payment)

(Billed yearly on the date of original purchase ex: If you purchased on July 15th, 2021 you will be automatically billed on the July 15th, 2022 and so on.)

Daily Prompts for Social Media

Weekly Reels/Tik Tok Prompts

Monthly Social Media Calendar With Popular Hashtags and Holidays (including trending holidays – national pizza day?)

Access to Private Facebook Group

  • Collaboration for IG/FB Lives
  • FB Lives with Tips and Tricks
  • Weekly Ideas for Networking outside of with other therapists

Monthly 1:1 session with Authenticity
– Social Media Assistance
– Customized Trello updated weekly by Authenticity with ideas specific for your practice


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